California Son

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Dear California,

For longer than any other place and for far more significant moments, you have been my home. Yet I am afraid that after such a long and storied history, I have come the painful realization that I no longer belong in your embrace. It is not as if anyone else has my heart as you have had mine, but after defending the idea that I can stay alongside you for the better part of the past year, I have been worn thin. Much too thin. And I can not hold on any longer.

I must go.

And for as long as I draw breath, there will be a special place in my heart where I will keep the California sun that you have bestowed. Instead of using your warmth for myself, though, I will try to find new places to shine it and new people to share it with. As I explore the vast potential the rest of the world has to offer, I will champion your light, giving it as though it were a part of me.

Because, California, you will always be a part of me.

I will love you always.